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gifgrond-41-asuna2.12.  Ø  asuna (jp) + benjamin tomasi (si033 / mo.e)

Asuna is a young Japanese sound artist. Through nearly academic methodology he makes tracks to evoke the seasons he sees changing outiside his window overlooking the hills of the Tokyo outskirts. His performance 100 Keyboards will create a microtonal drone of its own kind.
Benjamin Tomasi is working at the interface of sound art, video and media art, performance and music. His main focus is on the research and creation of reciprocal audio-visual processes of perception and their spatial implications.  …more

steve-hauschildt_18710.jpg5.11. Ø Steve Hauschildt (us) + alejandro del valle-latanzio + dj ingrid + inou ki endo (si032 / rhiz)

Steve Hauschildt is an American electronic musician and artist who resides in Cleveland, Ohio. He was a member of the seminal band Emeralds from 2006-2013. A veteran of the experimental music community, Steve’s compositions have utilized synthesizers, computers and digital processing to transform established norms and genres. To date he has released three full-length albums on Kranky as well an anthology of his work on Editions Mego. …more

10568794_302338909963020_8003708457581723265_n.jpg2.10.  Ø Struma+iodine = 2 – alter showcase – tomutonttu (fi) + elg (f) + cam deas (uk) + jung an tagen + dj inou ki endo + dschingis khan mondo grill visuals (si031 / fluc)

Als „leading figure in the new Finnish psychedelic underground“ bezeichnet The Wire Jan Anderzén. Der Gründer der Psych-Impro-Formationen Kemialliset Ystävät und Avarus collagiert mit Tomutonttu kosmische Synthelektronik, Drumsamples und Artefakte von (tierischen) Stimmen zu einem Mikrokosmos schrulliger Klänge – fraktale Sound-Psychedelik.  Die Signale einer 12-String Gitarre dienen dem Londoner Cam Deas … mehr

10390110_260244564172455_2070626938396182811_n.jpg23.6. Ø badaboum (f) + bonne humeur provisoire (f) + burlin mud + dj inou ki endo (si030 / rhiz)

Französischer Grrrl-Postpunk mitsamt Gloomy Fuzz und Bare-Boned Drums. In etwa so als würden Religious Knives mit den Sun City Girls um die Wette schreddern. Mit Members von HEADWAR, DUDU GEVA und THE DREAMS.
Bonne Humeur Provisoire sind autistisches Rodeo und epileptische Dada-Therapie für hyperaktive Kinder inklusive zerbrochenem Geschirr und infernalischem Spielzeug.
Performative Lo-Fi Hysterie im Weirdo-Pelz.   … mehr

1513168_253904868139758_883351912666206379_n.jpg6.6. Ø crank sturgeon (us) + markus krispel (si029 / m.oe)

Crank Sturgeon has been active in performance, installation, and sound art since the early 1990’s. A comical conceptualist, Crank is something of a misnomer: whether blending punk with the profance, or transforming the precious into an oil spill, a Sturgeon performance defies categorization. Accompanied by ridiculous costuming, pointed instructions and parables (gone awry), and even the occasional dirigible or two  …more

LTM+-+Ensemble+Economique-14.jpg15.5. Ø denovali showcase – ensemble economique (us) + aun (cdn) + inconsolable ghost (nl/d) (si028 / m.oe)

Brian Pyle lebt seit einigen Jahren abgeschieden in den Wäldern Kalifornien. Releases auf Labels wie Digitalis, Not Not Fun, Dekorder oder Denovali situieren ihn als einen der Protagonisten des West Coast Experimentalism. Es sind schwerelos-sphärische Songs mit denen sich Ensemble Economique in unser Gemüt schraubt. Kakophone Melodien zerstreuen sich in flüssigen Gitarrenriffs, Fieldrecordingpartikel und meditativer Gesang  …mehr

avatars-000029964446-bxb2ph-t500x500.jpg21.4. Ø  popsimonova (cr) + dorcelsius (f) + jessica93 + dj s.p.a.r. (si027 / rhiz)

Dorcelsius is an abstract electronic collaboration between 2 visual/audio artists. They create their own sound which are sparkling arpeggios and acid blips.You would have to be completely off your head on some of the most insane Columbian Devil’s Breath to begin to comprehend the meaning of this music. The result is a tranced-out electro psychedelic sound. Experimental but catchy enough to move to this rhythm on the dance floor.  …more

a3333163746_2.jpg16.4. Ø primordial undermind + boorii + dj inou ki endo (si026 / flex cafe)

Primordial Undermind are a blur of indefinite energy, invisible not for transparency but for speed. An ecstatic dance dissolving the corrupted fabric of causality, invoking singularity, bleeding at the edges. Radiant spectral photon flux irradiating primal metabolism; resonant vibration within the primitive emotions inducing moiré visions of coherent light via sympathetic stimulation of the optic nerve. …more


maan.jpg14.3. Maan (be) + swedish volvo girls (be) + dj intellecno (si025 / transporter)

Maan consist of two Flemish engineer students in their early twenties. They do not only love their sciences cold, their debut LP ‘Manifold’ harks back to the misanthropic aesthetics of Belgium’s wave era.


pete.jpg20.1. Pete Swanson (us) + jung an tagen release-show »Vielheiten« (si024 / rhiz) + dj inou ki endo

Since the early 2000s, Pete Swanson has released more CDRs, tapes and vinyl records than most countries release postage stamps. As a member of cult noise duo Yellow Swans, he amassed a worldwide following of noise fans swayed by the duo’s clamorous beats and screech combo and ability to carry their sound live just as much as they did on record. As a solo artist Swanson has continued to deliver, but unsurprisingly has been able to explore far more ground tonally.


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